workingDir issue

From MVRC Staff asked 4 years ago

Clean Windows 7 install, just drivers, OpenFOAM and MantiumFLOW. MantiumFLOW gives the error “case folder is not in shared folder with OpenFoam”. Trying to run the from the terminal is not possible as it cannot find the directory I am looking for. Uninstalling OF/Docker/VM with Revo Uninstaller (and removing all traces with it) then reinstalling OF then going straight to the terminal (ignoring MantiumFLOW) and the terminal goes to my workingDir and case folder. If I then go to MantiumFLOW and load the case then MF nor OF can find the workingDir. Seems very odd that MF is stopping OF from seeing the workingDir in the terminal when it could do right before running MF.

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MCAE Support answered 4 years ago

I will look into this. First I need to install OF on a new machine, so please give me some time.
Can you at least manually run the simulations?

From MVRC Staff answered 4 years ago

I can now that you fixed the other issue. Cant remember the instructions for getting the case set up etc without the GUI though. What I have been doing is setting the case in MantiumFLOW on my Windows 10 partition then moving to the Windows 7 partition to run the bash command

MCAE Support answered 4 years ago

The best option is now to install MantiumFlow MVRC edition 2017.5.
Also please switch the the OF version from blueCFD. This should make your life easier.