MantiumFlow supports using a command line mode. The user only has to supply the case location and choose the template he wishes to use. MantiumFlow will create the case and inform the user about issues or signal success. Working like this is the fastest way to create many cases.

MantiumFlow CFD Simulation Software CLI


The GUI allows easier use of MantiumFlow as the user can click through the options and sees a list of setting he can modify if he pleases to. Using the GUI is also advantageous as the user can see the imported CAD files which helps making sure that all parts are placed appropriately.

MantiumFlow CFD Simulation Software GUI

External Aerodynamics

MantiumFlow is mainly developed for incompressible external aerodynamics simulations. As result, a report is created with plots showing convergence, forces and many visualizations of the flow field.

DriveAER OpenFOAM CFD simulation

Automatic Mesh Generation

MantiumFlow automatically creates the mesh with a certain level of automatic refinement region selection.

Mesh OpenFOAM CFD simulation

Rotating Geomtery

Rotating geometry can be modeled by applying a rotating wall boundary condition on those walls.

Rotating Wall Boundary Condition OpenFOAM


Using MRF (Multiple Reference Frame) is a good and efficient method to model turbo machinery like pumps, fans, impellers and other rotating geometries with "many" blades.

This is a efficient approach to simulate rotating geometry at reasonable computational requirements.

Pump OpenFOAM CFD simulation

Porous Media

With MantiumFlow it is possible to use porous media. This is especially useful to simulate heat exchangers. If the user knows the pressure drop curve he can calculate and supply the Darcy-Forchheimer coefficients which are then used to model the pressure drop across the heat exchanger.

Porous Media OpenFOAM CFD simulation

Fan Disk

To model fans, it is possible to either use the full fan geometry with an MRF or simply use a fan disk. The later approach is computationally cheaper. The user only has to supply a disk at the position of the fan together with the fan curve. This is often the only way to model a fan, as many suppliers do not like giving out the CAD files of their fans.

Fan disk OpenFOAM CFD simulation

Adjoint Opimization

Using adjoint optimization, it is possible to have the solver find the best topology to reduce the pressure drop through a predefined duct.

Duct Adjoint Optimization using OpenFOAM CFD Simulation Software

As this page is still being built and more features are continuously added to MantiumFlow, this list of features never shows everything available. If there is something important you would like to see, please contact us to find out if it is possibly already available or can be added: