patchField entry error – exhaust

MantiumFlow CFD Software SupportpatchField entry error – exhaust
From MVRC Staff asked 4 years ago

Getting the following error when trying to run a simulation with the intro car.

2 Answers
MCAE Support answered 4 years ago

OK, please try copy-pasting the messages next time.
The issue is that now the MVRC version of MantiumFlow for the special_bc only accepts file names starting with either ”engine_in..:” or ”exhaust…”. Now you do not need to support the text files anymore either.
The next release has a warning message indicating invalid special_bc types so no one has to run into this issue again.
All you have to do to get your case running is rename the ”engine_exhaust” files to ”exhaust” and rebuild the case.

From MVRC Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for figuring it out