mpirun error

From MVRC Staff asked 3 years ago

When I try to run a case I get this message in the solver log ” ————————————————————————– mpirun was unable to find the specified executable file, and therefore did not launch the job. This error was first reported for process rank 0; it may have occurred for other processes as well. NOTE: A common cause for this error is misspelling a mpirun command line parameter option (remember that mpirun interprets the first unrecognized command line token as the executable). Node: ubuntu Executable: simpleFoam ————————————————————————– 4 total processes failed to start ” Running Ubuntu and OpenFOAM 6 No problem building a case Please help!

1 Answers
MCAE Support answered 3 years ago

There are two things you should check:
1.) CAn you run executeable belonging to OpenFOAM such as blockMesh?
2.) Did you specify where MFlow can find your OpenFOAM installation? This is done in
Possibly you installed OF through apt-get if you are using Ubuntu, if so and the previous suggestions did not help, just continue this thread.