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From MVRC Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi, I managed to install blueCFD and the 2018-9 version of MantiumFlow. I also updated the default_settings file. When I run MFlow_MVRC_win.exe the command window opens, and then closes. But the GUI does not start.

2 Answers
From MVRC Staff answered 4 years ago

I managed to get MantiumFlow working, it was a hard drive space problem.
But, when I try to run the case I get the following error:
” line xx (18 sequential numbers): surfaceTransformPoints: command not found”
the error then changes to:
” line xx (one number): blockMesh: command not found”
then changes to:
” line xx (one number): decomposePar: command not found”
then changes to many lines as follows:
” line xx (18 sequential numbers): mpirun: command not found”
Please help!

MCAE Support answered 4 years ago

This somehow looks like an installation issue.
Go the the Windows startmenu and launch the blueCFD terminal manually by clicking: blueCFD-Core 2017 -> blueCFD-Core terminal.
Try these two commands:
Copy paste the output to here.