How to get MantiumFlow to Work

MantiumFlow CFD Software SupportHow to get MantiumFlow to Work
From MVRC Staff asked 4 years ago

I tried to find an installation manual or instruction in this help section, but could not find it. Please confirm what software is required and how I set up MantiumFlow. I am using a Windows PC, but the .exe files do not run an installation.

2 Answers
MCAE Support answered 4 years ago

First you unpack the In there you will find a README file. Read that. It tells you to check this link:
In MVRC we use blueCFD 2017-2 when running on Windows.
The MFlow_MVRC_win.exe indeed does not start the installation of MantiumFlow but simply starts it (it takes a few seconds).

From MVRC Staff answered 4 years ago

Thank you for the reply. I obviously did not read the file in detail, it is clear now.