Graphic drivers issues

Matteo asked 4 years ago

I am having two issues with different graphic boards. The OS is the same (Ubuntu 20.04).

  • no 3D graphics in the GUI (it happens the same with the new, more common, graphic board, NVidia GTX 960, as with the previous Quadro 2000). I sometimes see a part (stl), but in general, I see no volumes at all.
  • If I use xorg drivers the post processing does not work (with NVidia drivers it works, but I still can’t see 3D geometry in the GUI). I happened with MFlow 2005 and not again with 2011.
1 Answers
MCAE Support answered 4 years ago

OK, so please go to the MFlow executable in your terminal and type:


Please copy paste the output of that. There is a chance we see something talking about “glew”.