CPU # in GUI

From MVRC Staff asked 4 years ago

I’m having twoissues here: 1)Can’t set to 14. Can do 12 and 16, but not 14. Should be possible? 2)The process seems a bit hit and miss. Set to 16 on settings, save settings build, OK. -Exit -Open again, another case, set to 12 and the bult case gets 16 cpus. Some mo trying and it’s got 12, I can’t really tell when it goes wrong.

3 Answers
MCAE Support answered 4 years ago

MantiumFlow only allows certain numbers of CPUs. This is to make sure to get somewhat useful partitions of the mesh. So selecting 14 will automatically change the value to 16.
Why you are sometimes unlucky with the GUI is hard to understand. Keep an eye open after clicking the apply settings button. It creates a solver_settings file in the input_files folder of the case. Maybe you copied your case, started creating a new one with the files, changed the number of CPUs and forgot to hit the apply settings button. Maybe you also accidentally kit some other buttons on the keyboard and MantiumFLow ignored your input?

From MVRC Staff answered 4 years ago

I’ll keep an eye on. Good to know about the solver settings file, There’s a good chance that you’re right, I’ve been copying folders around.
Can you tell us the valid numbers of CPUs?

MCAE Support answered 4 years ago

Don’t know why 10 is in there and 48 is not. That might change soon.